Valve teases The International 2019 details coming soon

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  It looks like Valve is getting ready to reveal information about The International 2019 and the TI9 Battlepass tomorrow.

  The world’s biggest Dota 2 event will be held on Aug. 16 to 25 in Shanghai, China. But outside of those dates, information about TI9 is scarce—for now.

  This tease comes at the perfect time since Valve has a huge event going on in the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, where several of the world’s best teams who will compete at TI9 are playing. That means people are already talking about Dota, and whatever they decide to announce can easily be pushed through the same channels as the matches and highlights.

  With all of those eyes on Valve, what can we expect from tomorrow’s announcement?

  The most basic details that Valve will likely announce are the format of the tournament and the overall breakdown of the prize pool. As of now, the only thing we know about the format is that 18 teams will be competing in the main event. But no bracket or rules has been unveiled yet.

  Along with any information that will be announced about the event, it’s likely that new in-game items, modes, skins, and more will also be confirmed by Valve tomorrow. Much like last year, there are expected to be levels of the Battlepass that can be purchased individually, with a portion of those sales going directly into the TI9 prize pool.

  According to Valve, more information will be made available on May 7. This will likely happen after the MDL Disneyland matches on Tuesday conclude.